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GRADE 6 - Lang & Lit Year 1 Summer Reading List

GRADE 7 - Lang & Lit Year 2 Summer Reading List

GRADE 8 - Lang & Lit Year 3 Summer Reading List

As you complete your reading, consider using the following prompts to keep your analytical skills sharp.

Reader Response Prompts for Fiction

  1. Explain a character's problem and then offer your character advice on how to solve his/her problem.
  2. Pick one character and explain why you would/would not like to have him/her as a friend.
  3. Describe and explain why you would/would not like to have lived in the time or place of the story.
  4. Write about what would happen if you brought one of your characters to school or home for a day.
  5. Write a different ending to the story.
  6. Write a prequel or sequel to the story.
  7. Create the casting list of people to star in the movie version of the show and explain your choices.
  8. Turn the story into a poem or children’s book.
  9. Compare a problem the main character faces with one that you face.
  10. Create an advertisement for the book.

Reader Response Prompts for Nonfiction

  1. Copy a short passage that you found to be interesting. Explain what made it interesting for you.
  2. Write a summary of the book.
  3. Explain some of the things that you have learned so far that you are not likely to forget in the near future.
  4. How could the information be used to write a fictional story?
  5. Write a newspaper article about the information (who, what, where, when, why, how)