FCCPS Daily Student Self-Monitoring Health Screening

Dear FCCPS Families,

Thank you so much for your continued support of our schools. I wanted to send a quick update today to ensure the communication continues to flow. There are a few items of note this week.

Secondary Update

Over the past couple of weeks, I have received quite a bit of feedback about getting our Henderson and Mason students back sooner than the advertised January 21st date. I am committed to looking at this more closely going forward and will have further conversations with the school leadership and teachers in the week to come. As I mentioned previously, we have been, and continue to be, committed to getting our youngest learners back first. As we finalize that work over the next week, I am hopeful that by next Friday, I can give a fuller update on the secondary return date.

Elementary Update

Thank you all for submitting your intent to return forms. We have received over ⅔ of the expected responses, and current data indicates that 83% of the parents wish to have their student(s) return to the hybrid model, and 17% wish to continue with online only. Please complete your intent form by Monday, October 19th, so we can begin building transportation routes, develop food services plans, and support other aspects of the instructional and operational components required to return. Today’s “Danny’s Corner” from Mount Daniel and “Tiger Times” from Thomas Jefferson will contain answers to many of the community’s questions regarding the elementary reopening. Just as a reminder our Elementary Reopening Plan is on the web for your review. It contains lots of great information.

Daily Health Screening

Being part of the school community means that we all need to do our part to keep each other safe. Our collective accountability will allow us to return to school safely and effectively. The following graphic is meant to hang on your refrigerator, bulletin board, or somewhere in you home to review each day before you send your child to school:


Thank you for ensuring that you are looking out for everyone by doing this screening each day.

Guidance on Travel Over the Holiday

  • When there is no travel ban to/from a location where a family or staff member is traveling, we can not require a family or staff member to isolate or quarantine following their travel.

  • However, families may consider voluntarily isolating their students upon returning for 14-days prior to starting in-person instruction/work when returning from a “hot spot” to support our efforts for maintaining a “bubble” of safety for our students and families. This can be achieved by engaging in our online instructional programming.

We will not require a negative Covid test to attend school by someone who travels or engages in other outside activities. However, we encourage you to continue engaging in behaviors to mitigate risk, talk with your health care provider as necessary, and very closely monitor your health for symptoms.

Everyone should remain at home whenever they feel ill and contact their health care provider regarding guidance on testing.  Students that present with COVID-Like Illness Symptoms will be isolated, and parents will be called to pick them up immediately. Siblings or anyone residing in the household will be sent home as well. All students who leave due to COVID-Like Illness must provide an alternative diagnosis statement or other clearance from their health care provider to return to school or a negative COVID test result in order to return.

In our community of care, we all must work together to prevent the possibility of the spread of the virus or any exposure that could result. Participating in risky events can cause others to become ill and may lead to quarantines and/or classroom and school closures. Remember to wear face coverings, stay 6 feet apart, wash your hands, stay home when you are not feeling well, and don’t touch your face. These 5 things are the most critical to limiting the spread of the virus.

It is incumbent upon all of us to follow the guidelines for health and safety in order to protect our staff and the students in our care.

Thanks all and have a great weekend!